Alanna Shaikh

Alanna Shaikh, Senior Public Health Specialist at USAID, talks about the critical importance of sharing stories and information to strengthen networks for change. Listen to it now :

Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and CraigConnects, talks about building community systems upon the expectation that people will help each other out and give each other a break. Listen to it now:

Lori Seibel

Lori Seibel, CEO of the Community Health Endowment in Lincoln, Nebraska, talks about the power of relationship-building to create dramatic community change. Listen to it now below:

Bob Oldfather

Bob Oldfather, CEO of Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, shares what it looks like from the inside when businesses and organizations trust their communities. Listen to it now :

Sidney Hargro

Sidney Hargro, CEO of the Community Foundation of South Jersey, talks about the power of using philanthropy as just one among many tools for building strong, vibrant communities. Listen to it now below:

Roger Hughes

Roger Hughes, former CEO of the Phoenix-based St. Luke’s Health Initiatives, talks about the importance of embracing new ideas and following a compelling vision. Listen to it now below:

Albert Ruesga

Albert Ruesga, President & CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. In this special “5 Year Anniversary of Katrina” edition of Making Change, Albert talks about what it takes to rally momentum in the absence of a disaster. Listen to it now below:

John Stansfield

John Stansfield, former Director Advocacy and Campaigns for OxFam New Zealand and co-founder of the Graduate Diploma in Not-For-Profit Management at Unitec Institute of Technology, talks about sparking passion around shared values. Listen to it now:

Paul Born

Paul Born President of the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement, talks about the power of getting citizens involved by finding the common intention beyond the labels that divide. Listen to it now:

Peter Block

Peter Block Author and consultant, talks about the power of engaging and organizing community members to create the future they want for themselves. Listen to it now :